Quincy James is the founder of ManPage_Cards. As a certified Linux expert, Quincy James has created a powerful product that aims to help cut the learning curve in half and allow users to learn What is Linux, Linux Commands, and the overall Linux Operating System.

About Me and Why

Hi I'm Quincy Julian and have been in the cybersecurity field for just about a year.   


     In that year I managed to attain several GIAC certifications GCIA, GCED, GCIH, GCCC, and GPEN. As with most but not all, students studying for certifications, one can understand the value of physical flashcards and their ability to help you memorize. As well as having a physical reference to refer to.

     I do understand there are multiple resources for online flashcards online and you can print them or create your own, but with any computer-related task, your eyes tend to take a toll looking at a computer screen for a long period. As well as for students currently studying, time can be wasted on the printing and creation of them.


     The reason this is important to me is that I know the struggle of having to memorize commands and only had a limited amount of time to make sure I knew those commands. Flashcards are always my go-to in helping me memorize something efficiently and quickly but because only online flashcards were available I still had to take time to print them, cut them, organize them, etc... Taking away from precious time I could use to study and memorize. After researching online I realized no one makes physical Linux command line flashcards.


     I have met many people with different learning styles, some learn by watching, others by reading on a computer screen, and those like me needing something physically there to hold and read and If you have taken a GIAC exam before you know how important physical books/copies are! I noticed that there was no alternative to online flashcards other than creating your own.


     I am aiming to change that and need your help to help our cyber community. Sometimes the value of having something physical you can hold and look at, just helps you learn and memorize better.  If you have made it this far which I doubt many will reading about a boring guy like me, I welcome you to contact me via the email above. Let me know what is it that you want to achieve or strive for. I look forward to hearing from you.

I am proudly offering FREE mentoring sessions to new cyber security students.

My promise to you.

  • I will not attempt to sell you anything

  • I'll do my best to guide you in the right direction.

  • No strings attached.

The reason behind this is this type of resource was not available to me as I was starting out. I want to give back to the community and offer beginners or students the information they need to be successful in their chosen goals in life in cyber security.

Don't miss out on this valuable resource!