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The founder of ManPage_Cards offers free mentorship sessions to learn Linux, Linux Commands, the overall Linux Operating System and help you get certified to get your career in Linux started!
  • Are you trying to get into Cyber Security?

  • Lost as to what you should do?

  • Need guidance from someone in the field but don't know anyone

  • Or just trying to figure out if Cyber Security is the route you want to take?

Let me help guide you in the right direction.  Best of all, while others charge for their time for a resource like this.

I do this for FREE with NO intent on trying to sell you something or have you sign up for anything. 

All I ask is please, don't let us waste each others time.

Come prepared for the session with questions ready to go and most important of all TAKE NOTES! 

Let me stress on the importance of this, it was a game changer for me when I started doing this simple thing.  That way you are able to reference everything we talked about as well as  be prepared with more in depth questions for next session based on what you have written down.


I TRULY want to help as much people as I can. I did not have this type of resource while I was getting started. If there was anything that I benefit from doing this, it is seeing you succeed in accomplishing your goals. That in it's self is worth more than any amount of money I can get paid for doing this.

I look forward to talking to you and seeing you pave your path on this journey!

Now what are you waiting for there is no strings attached and you have nothing to lose. Take control of your future and Schedule your Session Today!


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